B. 2017 THEME: Organizational Renewal

Stewardship  |  Mars 28 2017 - Mars 28 2020


B.     2017 THEME: Organizational Renewal

1.     In order to have organizational renewal it is important to look at our History.
2.     What can we learn from our History to foster Organizational renewal?
3.     Develop a program to educate member on the churches financial operation no business as usual.
4.     Do general financial education (target the church member and help them understand how they could be spiritually and
        financially self reliant) in partnership with God.
5.     Give clear and intentional education on the auditing system of our church.
6.     Why should there be audit in the first place?
7.     Who audits the church and at what level?
8.     After audit what should the organization do? (Make this known to members it is their right).
9.     The education of member should be at all levels of the church structure
10.   Treasurers should be fully involved in this education process therefore they will be our partners.
11.   Join administration in tithe and offering education at all levels
12.   One of our areas of emphasis as a department is to foster confidence in leadership and in the structure of the church
13.   Quarterly report from each union director 
14.   Annual visit to each union
15.   Stewardship week of spiritual emphasis to be renewed
16.   Promote and Plan Annual Stewardship week of spiritual Emphasis December 3-10