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Harbingers of Peace Pathfinder Camporee 2018

Posted on Oct 03 2018

[Photo: From Left to Right - Ps. Nlo Nlo, Ps. Elie Weick-Dido,.. , Ps. Elems and Ps. Baka Able Paul]
At a time when the nations of West-Central Africa Division territory are facing increased incidents of political instability, tribal restiveness, religious intolerance, terrorism, increased cases of family meltdown, greed and avarice, poverty and so on, Harbingers of Peace brings hope to the nations of West-Central Africa.

Its focus on Jesus the Prince of Peace and the source of true peace presents the real desire of the nations. But this Camporee (with the 10 Unions of WAD represented) was also a moment in which our Pathfinders were highlighted and given opportunity to contribute meaningfully in the leadership process of the youth department. Pathfinders took the lead in many activities as part of our mentoring program in WAD Youth department, which ties neatly into the global youth theme for this quinquennium, namely "Pass it On." For the first time in WAD and indeed Adventist history, a Pathfinder Godspower Ezebunwa was chosen as the Guest Preacher for such an August gathering. Indeed, the over 600 delegates to the HOP Camporee have been charged to go forth in the nooks and crannies of WAD and be Harbingers of Peace. We are still Pathfinder strong!

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