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ENUC Prayer Summit

Posted on Apr 01 2019

[Photo: Dedication of Officers, Directors and Exco Members.]

More than 19,000 attend prayer summit in Eastern Nigeria.

 More than 19,000 people gathered this year for the Prayer and Leadership Meeting in the Eastern Nigeria Union Conference. The January 20, 2019 prayer meeting, which is the seventh edition of this annual event, was held in the open ground of the Union headquarters in Aba.

The participants in this meeting came from the ten States of the Union. Very early in the morning they stormed the space laid out for the occasion in the premises of the Union.

Pastor Elie Weick-Dido, President of the West-Central Africa Division, lauded the gathering as the largest single gathering of Seventh-day Adventists in the Division.

In his message to the assembly, Pastor Weick-Dido urged the Eastern Church of Nigeria to remain focused on the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ as stated in the three angels' message.

Drawing from Matthew 28: 18-20, President Weick deployed intense anecdotes to show that by remaining connected with Jesus, Seventh-day Adventists will keep the mission constantly in view and maintain a life style that will enhance the credibility of the Gospel and the mission mandate of the Church.

The pastor also led the consecration prayer of the elected officers and administrators of the Union during the 2nd session in December 2018.


Everyone a builder.

Pastor Bassey Udoh, President of the Eastern Nigeria Union Conference took the opportunity to highlight the theme of the Church for the new quinquennium, "Everyone a builder".

He stressed that the mandate to build is a divine mandate. He then challenged the Church as follows: "Every pastor a builder be a good shepherd building up the flock through excellent pastoral care and services. Every member a builder, win one soul; every youth a builder, win another youth for Jesus. Every woman a builder, bring another woman. Every man a builder, bring another man. Every family a builder, win another family. Every Church a builder, plan another church”.

He urged that when God in control, nothing will be out of control in the Church. "May the Lord depend on all of you and bless you as you labor to move His work forward as we begin a new quinquennium” he prayed.

He also pointed out when addressing thousands of members that: "Our work in this Union has grown because the Lord has used men and women like you to plant churches, build places of worship, to develop missionary schools and foster various lines of ministry and Total Membership Involvement ".

[Photo: “When God’s People Pray”]

Prayer session

Earlier, the Executive Secretary of the Division, Pastor Kingsley Anonaba, led a two-hour prayer session where members reach out by faith to receive a touch from the Lord.

Pastor Anonaba stated that it was time for God's children to rise from the ashes of poverty, sickness, disappointment, despair and depression and receive the divine touch that brings healing, faith and fruitfulness.

Unveiling of Ministry resources

Pastor Elie Weick-Dido and other leaders present at this ceremony presented the book Taste and See; a book for missionary outings.

Pastor Uzoma Nwosi, Coordinator of Evangelism and Global Mission of the Union said that thousands of copies of the booklet would be distributed in all towns and villages of the Union in the spirit of the TMI.

The strategic plan document 2019-2023 was also presented as well as other items.

[Photo: Special Needs Ministries Choir sign their praise to Jesus.]

Special needs

During this meeting, a highlight caught everyone's attention. It was indeed the presence of people with disabilities who have made known by their actions, the importance they play in spreading the gospel of salvation. Through their presentations, they moved not only the authorities present, but also Church members and all who attended the meeting.

While thanking the Church in Eastern Nigeria for the huge support for special needs ministries, Mr. El-Dad pled for much more to be done to support this ministry through the establishment of a specialized educational training complex for people with disabilities.

[Photo: 18 Choirs and Chorales make music at prayer summit.]

Music and prayer

Eighteen different choirs were present at this prayer meeting. Among them, the Abia State Government House Choir, the special needs ministries choir that combined sign language with classical style vocals to the praise of Jesus Christ. In addition to these above choirs mentioned, the Port Harcourt Conference Mass Choir and the ENUC Mass Choir were also present.

Chigozi Eti
Director of communication - ENUC


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