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Posted on May 16 2019

[Photo - Gustave B.: Pasteur Valere Assembe receiving Abraham Bakari gift from Pastor Elie Weick-Dido]

The Communication department of the West-Central Africa Division recognizes the faithfulness of all our communication directors in the Unions. They were all to send news to the Division for publication every month for our WadNews. Two out of the ten Union communication directors championed this year from January to May 2019.

[Photo - Gustave B.: Pastor Thomas T. Ocran receiving Asafo-Hlordji Solace gift from Pastor Elie Weick-Dido]

These are, for work well done, Elder BAKARI Abraham and Sister Asafo-Hlordji, Solace respectively Communication Directors of Cameroon Union Mission and Southern Ghana Union Conference received an award.

BAKARI Abraham received a Hard disk of 4 Tera

Asafo-Hlordji Salace received a Hard disk of 2 Tera

We are expecting more News to share from all our directors. We appreciate your collaboration!  

WAD Editor



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