Adventist Mission: Building Capacities for Mission

Posted on Mars 21 2022

Adventist Mission: Building Capacities for Mission

From February 14-17, 2022, the Global Mission Director of the West-Central Africa Division held a seminar for leaders of the Cameroon Union Mission.
About twenty representatives of the various missionary fields of the Cameroon Union Mission met at the headquarters of the said Union located in Yaoundé from February 14 to 17, 2022, for a seminar led by the director of Global Mission of the West-Central Africa the Division, Pastor Vincent Roger SAME.

Welcome wishes were presented on behalf of the administration of the Cameroon Union Mission by the Associate Treasurer, Elder KEMDJE Yves Stéphane. Pastor Jean Pourrat Meting, Global Mission Director in Cameroon shared training kits to participants. The distribution of the kits marked the beginning of the trainings. These works are articulated around four major axes, namely: a presentation on concepts relating to the Adventist mission, the setting up of projects, the ministry in large cities and writing techniques.
Pastor Vincent Roger SAME, being the first presenter, talked about the key concepts related to the philosophy of Adventist mission. The Office of Adventist Mission was created in 2005, during the General Conference Session held in the United States in St. Louis, Missouri. The Office of Adventist Mission oversees Global Mission and emphasizes on outreach for mission. Its purpose is to coordinate and fund the missionary work of the Adventist Church. Global Mission emphasizes on ministry in areas where there is little or no Adventist presence.
Elder Alexis Kouadio, the Assistant Director of Global Mission of the West-Central Africa Division addressed the practical aspect of the training. He proceeded with the creation of Global Mission accounts for the eight mission fields of the Cameroon Union Mission. The accounts being open, officials immediately began training on setting up online projects, under the supervision of Elder Alexis Kouadio. Two projects were registered and submitted for approval, the others are to be refined before submission. Pastor Vincent Roger SAME once again, through a presentation on the Mission in the Big Cities stressed on the creation of centers of influence which should not only be buildings, but institutions that participate in the mission through their health, educational, recreational activities...

The final presentation was made by Elder Abraham Bakari, the West-Central Africa Division Communication, Public Relations and Religious Liberty Director. This presentation focused on writing techniques. He identified the key questions to ask when writing a short story, namely, Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? 'Or' What? as well as the quality of news. According to him, news must be fresh, extraordinary and attract human and community interest. It must be characterized by its readability; that is to say, its clarity, its conciseness and its rectitude. To be a good copywriter, you have to read a lot, know your audience, avoid jargon, use short sentences and adopt a simple style. The second aspect of his presentation focused on the eighth art, that is to say photography, which contributes to giving value to writing. He also presented tips on how to have quality pictures.
Questions and answers part closed this presentation and made it possible to present the concept of "Share your Experience" which consists of recording missionary testimonies in the field on health, education and evangelism. It is to recount all kinds of experiences and not just those that resulted in baptism. These testimonies should also relate to the impact of the mission in our community.

As a prelude to this seminar, recordings were made in the studio of the radio “It is Written”, in Yaoundé in order to produce an E-book which will be broadcast at the next General Conference Session.
This seminar ended with words of appreciation from Pastor Valère Guillaume ASSEMBE MINYONO, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cameroon to the facilitator, and exhortations from Pastor Elie WEICK DIDO, President of the West-Central Africa Division, followed by the taking of the family picture.

Yangman Avom Armand Arnaud
Communication Union Mission of Cameroon


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