D. 2019 THEME: Christian Money Management

Stewardship  |  Mars 28 2017 - Mars 28 2020


 D.     2019 THEME: Christian Money Management

1.      Stewardship summit on Christian money management (date to be arranged).
2.      Educate members on people’s use of money and how it reflects their walk with God.
3.      Do workshop and seminar on Biblical principles of money management.
4.      As an important part of integrating the Lordship of Christ in this critical area of life, we must educate members on the need to 
         understand Christian money management.
5.      Along with our colleagues in the GC and else where, it is our duty as a department, to continue to develop materials to help in 
         the area of biblical principles for money management.
6.      Quarterly report from each union director 
7.      Annual visit to each union
8.      Promote and Plan Annual Stewardship week of spiritual Emphasis December 3-10