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December 2019

mar 28 mar. 2017


    Ends Mar 28 2020

     A.     2016 THEME: SPIRITUAL RENEWAL1.   We will consider Holistic stewardship that begins with self or persons living in a growing partnership with God and for that reason may claim to have a …

  • B. 2017 THEME: Organizational Renewal

    Ends Mar 28 2020

     B.     2017 THEME: Organizational Renewal  1.     In order to have organizational renewal it is important to look at our History.2.     What can we learn from our History to foster Organizational renewal?3.     Develop a program …

  • C. 2018 THEME: Personal life management

    Ends Mar 28 2020

      C.        2018 THEME: Personal life management   1.      Define what is secular and materialistic in line with scripture2.      Deal with the issue of personality and personal life3.      Educate members on personal life management    …

  • D. 2019 THEME: Christian Money Management

    Ends Mar 28 2020

     D.     2019 THEME: Christian Money Management 1.      Stewardship summit on Christian money management (date to be arranged).2.      Educate members on people’s use of money and how it reflects their walk with God.3.      Do workshop …

  • E. 2020 THEME: Evaluation and preparation of Report

    Ends Mar 28 2020

      E.      2020 THEME: Evaluation and preparation of Report              1.      Schedule a meeting with each union director to evaluate the quinquennium plan.2.      Analyze achievements and failure.3.      Complete departments report.4.      Present …