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The Great Walk Of Unity Around The Bible


The big and multilingual Bible the General Conference’s following the Bible arrived at Douala International airport on March 2nd 2010. After its tour in East Cameroon, Chad and North Cameroon, the Great Bible was warmly welcomed in Yaounde on March 8th 2010. And many people adhered to the programme.


The multilingual Bible made her triumphant entry in the city of Yaounde. Despite the international women prayer day, Adventist women were glad and determined to take an active part in the “Follow the Bible” programme. Television spots and programmes, attention calling on radio, visits to churches had been successful. The leadership of the union made everything they could to make the programme successful.


The first step of the programme gathered Adventist church members essentially. During the worship programme on March 8th 2010 at the Djoungolo 2 SDA Church the Bible was unveiled and presented to the participants. A dramatic sketch was performed during that ceremony attended by 2,000 people. The event was directly transmitted by the Adventist radio station “It is written” in Yaoudé. Five television channels and about ten radio stations covered the event.


The second step, the population and the media had been waiting for was the Grand Youth Parade from the Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium to the Yaounde Adventist secondary school. It attracted many bystanders. They could read the message inviting them to “Follow the Bible.”


The ceremony reminded of the carrying of the Arch of Covenant as we could see the youth carrying the unique Bible preceded by the band and followed by the church who were proudly wearing their T-shirt designed for the occasion. Many people from several other denominations respond positively to the invitations sent to them through radios and televisions. On the way, about 2000 copies of the Adventist World Magazine were given away.

At the Yaoundé Adventist secondary school about 2500 people were waiting. The Bible was welcomed with a big acclamation. People sat under the tents. Many of them were expecting to receive free copies of the Bible and Bible reading plan because previously, pastor Allah Ridy Kone had put the emphasis on the distribution of Bibles during the public celebration. He kept his promise as 1,000 Bibles were distributed.


The presence of dignitaries of other denomination was remarkable; there were Cameroon Presbyterian Church, the Evangelical church, the Methodists, the messianic evangelical church. All took the floor by turns to talk about the importance of the Scriptures. The president of the Bible society in Cameroon commends the Seventh Day Adventist Church, along with all others who had the floor, for the initiative. He kissed the Bible literally to welcome it. After hearing these wonderful words, WAD president; pastor Wari, talked about the rationale of the “Follow the Bible” programme that was inspired by the Olympic Fire.


Pastor Wari, as he is accustomed to doing, took the crowd through an irresistible emotion, relating his conversion. That rightly connotes the transforming power of the living Word of God. “I have not been failed so far” he challenged those who were still hesitating to take the decision to be with God. The Bible provides answers to the problems the world is confronted with today. To close the ceremony pastor Allah Ridy Kone, thanked ministers and guests from other denominations and insisted on his desire to see everyone go back to the Word of God.


Pastor Wari Gilbert offered an intercession prayer on behalf of central African countries and Cameroon. Then Pasteur Emile Lend started the closing song to send the people back in peace.


On the following day, march 10th 2010, the big Bible rolled on to East Central Africa Division in Kenya. 


Abraham Bakari