The Sabbath School/Personal Ministries Department provides full religious education for church members of all ages, including Sabbath School bible study guides and material for programming on Saturday mornings and other activities during the rest of the week. The department also supplies training and resources to local teachers of religious education and other members, promotes personal and world missions, and designs programs and resources to equip and train members to minister to and serve their communities

Northern Nigeria Union Conference - North Central Nigeria Conference: Pentecost 2018. 

Fire Of Adventism Engulfs North East Nigeria Conference 

It was a memorable re-enactment of the Pentecost experience as Pastors across the North East Nigeria Conference of Seventh Day Adventist Church preached the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the end time message across the length and breadth of the seven states that constitute the Conference...


New Members Share Story Of His Calling 

God began to open my eyes when I first heard of Adventist Church through Adventist World Radio, two years ago. Before then, I was the leader of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) Men fellowship. Unaware that it will soon change that unusual evening, I picked up my radio, turned it on and listened to a pastor preaching from Exodus 20:8. The message was not the normal messages I am used to from our Revered Ministers...


Greater New York Evangelism Team Baptises 330 

True Vine Adventist Church Adopts New Winning Ways