Philosophy of the Planned Giving   & Trust Services Ministry

 God is the owner of all things both tangible and intangible. All human beings are stewards of God’s assets. Earth is not our permanent home. Heaven is our ultimate eternal dwelling place. Our charge though is to occupy earth until Jesus returns. Therefore, as stewards of God’s assets it is every Seventh-day Adventist member's responsibility to protect God's assets from falling into the hands of God's enemies. Each member will provide for their families and for God’s work on earth. This must be done wisely, professionally, and in keeping with sound fiduciary principles that will stand the test of law. Assets  are most often protected  through  the use of the  legal instruments including  wills, trusts,  charitable gifts   annuities  as well  as outright  donations. We believe this is accomplished first by our personal   example and then professionally by encouraging  and facilitating the preparation and execution  of planned and outright gifts among members and friends of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.