Bénin – Evangelism:New birth Baptisms in Sekou

Posted on Dec 13 2022

Bénin – Evangelism
New birth Baptisms in Sekou

[Photo: Baptism Ceremony]
107 souls gave their lives to the Lord in Sekou, a city located at 60 km from Cotonou, in Benin on Sabbath October 1, 2022 in the presence of the administrators of the East Sahel Union Mission.

[Photo: Meeting with the Neophytes before baptism.]
Indeed, two simultaneous evangelism campaigns were organized by the support ministries "Train Them to Fish and Pierre de touche" with the NGO LIEBEVOLL, from September 18 to November 02, 2022 in Sekou and Gandaho located in the Northern part of Benin.

These programs supported by the Conference of Adventist Churches in Benin were interspersed with community activities and especially presentations on health. Every evening, more than 500 visitors came to drink from Jesus through the vibrant messages of Pastor Ongassa on the Sekou site and evangelists Michel and Assogna on the Gandaho site.
At the end of these miracle-soaked efforts on the part of the Lord, 107 precious souls were baptized in these localities, mainly followers of African traditional religions. "I recognize the greatness of God when I see hundreds of people giving their lives to Jesus," said Pastor Ongassa.

[Photo: Baptism ceremony with pastors Ongassa on the right and Koulete on the left]
Pastor Dotou Geofroy, the President of the Benin Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists Church, expressed his joy due to the total success recorded through the collaboration of all: "I am very happy of the concerted efforts of the members, departments and ministers who have come to work with us. “
At the end of the program, the appointment was given to 2023 by the same support organizations for another major evangelistic campaign in the city of Cotonou.

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