Côte d’Ivoire : Religious Concert by MESAMCI at Félix Houphouët-Boigny University - A Celebration of Inclusion and Faith

Posted on Mai 02 2024

Côte d’Ivoire : Religious Concert by MESAMCI at Félix Houphouët-Boigny University -
                              A Celebration of Inclusion and Faith

[Photo : The Adventist Youth Choir of Bethel]
On Sabbath, April 20, 2024, Cocody University resonated with the sound of faith and inclusion during an exceptional religious concert organized by the Student and School Movement for the Blind and Visually Impaired of Côte d'Ivoire (MESAMCI) in collaboration with the Ministries of Adventist Potentials (MPA).

[Photo : The very warm audience at the concert]
From 4:30 p.m., the AKPELE AKPELE square on the university campus was transformed into a scene of communion and sharing, gathering a large crowd composed of Seventh-day Adventist Church members and students. At the heart of this event, a powerful message resounded: "All are gifted, useful, and precious in the eyes of God."

A colorful and emotional spectacle
The youth choir of the Seventh-day Adventist Church of Cocody, Bethel Temple, and MESAMCI students brought to life a rich and varied program, alternating between songs, slam poetry, and theatrical performances. Joy and emotion were palpable as the artists, some of whom were visually impaired, delivered touching and hopeful performances.

[Photo : A theatrical performance by MESAMCI]

Inspiring testimonies and a message of unity
The concert provided an opportunity to share testimonies from various stakeholders involved in the event. The president of the organizing committee emphasized on the importance of this event in raising awareness about the condition of visually impaired people and invited them to celebrate their talents. The president of MESAMCI highlighted the crucial role of music and arts in the development of blind and visually impaired individuals.

[Photo : The president of MESAMCI and his collaborators]

 The director of the Adventist Potential Ministries (MPA) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bethel reaffirmed the church's commitment to inclusion and the promotion of Christian values. Visually impaired individuals shared their experiences, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to speak and participate in such an important event. Tanoh Gérard, a member of the Adventist community, urged the public not to stigmatize disabled people. Finally, Pastor Balisasa delivered a message of unity and solidarity, reminding everyone that each person is unique and precious in the eyes of God.

[Photo: Some members of MESAMCI] [Photo: Pastor Balisassa delivers a message during MPA Day]

A resounding success and a hopeful future
MESAMCI's religious concert was a success in achieving its goal of raising awareness, stirring emotions, and inspiring. This event showcased the talent, creativity, and resilience of visually impaired individuals while conveying a message of hope and inclusion.
Buoyed by this success, MESAMCI intends to continue its commitment to promoting the rights of visually impaired people and their full participation in social life. MESAMCI envisions new initiatives and further collaborations to raise public awareness for a more inclusive and diverse-respecting society.
The slogan "All are gifted, useful, and precious in the eyes of God" resonates as an anthem that compels people to hope and inclusion, reminding that every individual, regardless of their abilities, has an important role to play in society.

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